The Sovereign Prayer


May you be Sovereign in your experiences, so that what comes to you brings a blessing of Love either through the delight of brighter magic and marvel, or an insight into the sacred shadow.

May you be Sovereign in your relationships with others, holding your poise and presence, and maintaining the integrity of Self within every dynamic, compromising only in the name of Truth and for the expression of God’s Love for the one who stands before you.

May you be Sovereign in your body, allowing the most optimal functions and systems, the strongest fortitude in every organ, the most aligned posture and form, the most living vibration of every loyal cell.

May you be Sovereign in your energy field, discerning and choosing which frequencies come into your atmosphere, and allowing a transference and embodiment only of those that enhance your Love.

May you be Sovereign in your Mind, gently observing the movements and mechanisms of thought, and keeping mechanism focused on loving creation and devoted service, swiftly noticing fruitless rumination and surrendering it to God.

May you be Sovereign in Consciousness. Always Know who You are.

THE PRACTICE OF SOVEREIGNTY is the gentle and serene art of overseeing the activity of the mind, the flow of the energy field and the state of being, so that one can experience anew from a wiser vantage point. It may take certain tools to begin with.

With metacognition – the art of thinking about thinking – we can consciously guide our thought systems into revitalizing and empowering patterns. With simple energy work we can attune our biofields and refine our point of attraction with precision.

With essential oils, which we are particularly fond of here at Sovereign Masters – the remarkable life force and consciousness of the botanical kingdom – we can help transition the brain chemistry, the blood chemistry, the subtle energy body, and our environment into a frequency that supports our intention to relax deeper and deeper into the Kingdom of Heaven – the peaceful bliss of here and now.

Mastering these tools, or rather, using these tools to master our response to our external environment, is what makes us truly Sovereign. When Sovereign poise becomes your nature, you’ll no longer need any tools.

Until then, the book Sovereign: A Handbook For Maintaining Personal Mastery in All Affairs (Swann, S et al, Kerin School of Thought, 2019), is your daily companion to offer simple techniques, comfort, guidance, and attunement to your highest awareness.

Purchase your copy here.

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